The Arts

The Arts program provides Club members with an educational, engaging and fun experience, exposing them to the arts. The Arts allows young people to express their creativity and imagination. Young people who participate in an art program exhibit stronger writing and reading skills, self-confidence, a sense of worth, respect and consideration for others, and the ability to identify and express emotions.

Local, Regional, and National Art Contest

Each year, we host a local art contest that will include artwork from our club members from all of our sites. On this day, the community is invited to vote on the artwork from our club members. The winning pieces of artwork are then sent to be judged on the Regional level. If chosen at the Regional level, the artwork will be sent to National Competition.


Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) seeks to provide innovative and high-quality arts programming for all youth that stimulates learning and academic success; inspires creativity; explores future careers; and encourages self-expression, critical thinking and problem solving. BGCA believes arts programming and activities are not a means to an end, but rather an essential human experience.